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The use of 660mm-730nm-780nm light will promote plant growth. 730nm-760nm can be used as a medical product to check whether a patient is in a vegetative state. 760nm-790nm-805nm is used medically to detect fat content. 850nm-880nm is used to measure engine speed. 900nm is mainly used as an inspection instrument to detect human blood gas and blood glucose. 940mm is mainly used as remote control for position locking. The 1000nm-1300nm-1500nm-1550nm detection instrument is mainly used to detect volatile gases such as human alcohol/fiber/carbon monoxide/carbon dioxide.
The UAE’s ban of stopping sale inefficient lamps will take effect on 1st July. This action is expected to save 181.80 millions of USD energy costs each year; this ban is a part of the United Arab Emirates indoor lighting standards, main aim to lock-inefficient incandescent light. The new standard will be based on environmental, safety and efficiency indicators. Also mercury limitation is a part of the standard; any lights, including compact fluorescent lamps or LED lights once exceed the limitation will not get into the country. The ban will specifically target the UAE import products which are no domestic production; it is expected to reduce 940,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions – that equivalent of 165,000 cars emissions. So this ban is good news for new light source, because the UAE citizens need to change the inefficient incandescent light to CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lamps), Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and halogens.
The Tetris was widely circulated game last century, for it so classic that it still has many fans. There is an avid fan in Russia that produced the game in a T-shirt. Last month was the 30th anniversary of Tetris, a man named Marc Kerger developed a T-shirt with 128 LED lights and 4pcs AA batteries which can play Tetris. It is not difficult to produce such a T-shirt for vendors, but the idea is very innovative. In fact, we can consider T-shirt into a wearable device, may be this idea will become enlightenment to open a new wearable devices market. Of course, we would like to see more such creative and funny ideas in the future.
LED fan clock with USB was born with there need a fan for computer players in such hot weather, moreover, also need to have a stylish clock to note the time, This called LED Fan Clock powered by USB interface, it can match with desktop and notebook computers very well, the flexible blades provide breeze, and the high-speed rotation will not hurt the user. Different with other fans, there mounted 9 green LED and 8 red LED in fan blades, it can display time through the blinking LED. Currently this clock fan has landed U.S. Amazon store, retail price of $ 12.99, free shipping in the United States.
China makers of SMD LEDs continue to develop smaller configurations to broaden their selections and boost penetration of the backlighting and lighting markets. They are releasing more 0402 units, anticipating the type will dominate supply in the next one or two years.
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